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The incubator that your project needs to become an NFT collection.

We bootstrap your NFT project from concept to market by our dedicated teams.

The first NFT incubator that brings projects to life

Do you think your idea is disruptive enough but you don't have the tools to carry it out?

Submit your project for approval to our secure selection program.

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About the process

We drive effective steps to make each launch impactful.

You will be part of all the decisions made throughout.

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    How do we work?

    You just have to bring your ideas and desire. Together, we will work effectively to bring your project to life.

    Together we will focus on 3 key areas:

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    NFTs are digital products, therefore, they need a large series of technical components such as landing pages, smart contracts, support, etc. We take care of all this.

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    In the NFT industry, a key variable for a project to succeed is communication.

    That is why with our community and marketing team we will make your idea reach every corner necessary.

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    Crypto Art

    The digital art in NFTs is the product itself. So, it is important to create them quickly and with good quality.

    At DAOFY, we have a backlog of artists ready to bring your idea to life on time.

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    Why should you apply?

    We cover all the crucial instances to develop your project.


    We build your NFTs

    We build your NFT from scratch.

    Marketing Strategies

    We support you in the creation of marketing strategies for projects.

    Community Builder

    We help you build the community around your projects.

    Mint your NFTs

    We provide technical assistance in software development.

    Business Assistance

    We support business decisions seeking profitable models.

    Is your NFT project ready for a boost?

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    Powered by an award-winning company

    With DAOFY, you'll have the key advantage of entering the NFT world with the backup of Rootstrap's blockchain specialist area.

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    Your project and ideas are safe at every stage.

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    #1 LATAM Software Company

    Learn more about Rootstrap
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    Our DAOs plan

    At the moment, the project is verifying its product on the market, which is why we are being centralized.

    As long as we confirm that the DAO is functional, we are going to start a progressive process to decentralize it.

    At this time, the roadmap stage will be accessible

    For more details, you can download our Light Paper

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    Partners and Investors