Before You Go

How do I know if I can apply with my project?

First off, you should have a clear and game-changing idea that can help improve any sector using NFTs. We will also explore if you have some expertice in that sector to facilitate our work. If those characteristics are met, your idea has a strong possibility of being chosen.

What you should have

Having the following steps in order will make you a strong candidate for consideration.

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    Clear concept
    You should have a clear idea where you demonstrate experience of the problem you are solving. Creating documents such as pitch decks or white papers can provide us with the information we need
  2. #2
    Market protections
    Any information about how the market behaves, the market size, and possible competitors are key data that can help the DaoFy team create the correct stretegies for market launch.
  3. #3
    Real world utility
    At DAOFY, we believe that the future of the NFT technology is going to be associated to real utilities, such as traceability, certifications, or bridges between the real and virtual worlds. We don’t beleave in profile pictures collections.
  4. #4
    Provide key information and analytics on how this project is going to be profitable. The DAOFY team loves data, statistics and documents, so, if you can demonstrate how will get a ROI, your probability of being choosen will increase greatly.

Do you have these steps in place? If so, we want to hear from you!

We Value

  • Original ideas. We don't like profile picture or meme collections.
  • Projects that innovate.
  • Projects with potential to make a positive impact in the real world.
  • Projects that thrive from NFT technology.
  • Engaged communities and committed NFT Authors.
  • Honest people open to work as a team.
Check out our FAQs for more information on DAOFY.
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